Do Roses Have Berries??

Do roses have berries? rose hips! Nature Activities for kids

Wild roses have their very own “fruit”! Rose plants form little round bulbs at the bases of their flowers. If these flowers get pollinated, these bulbs will ripen in late summer and start to look like little red or orange berries. These fruits are called ‘Rose Hips’.

NOTE: (Garden rose plants do not always grow ripe rose hips – their many tight petals can get in the way of pollination).

Rose hips can be eaten raw like a berry, although you should avoid the little hairs inside! (These fine hairs are also used as itching powder!)

Native tribes have used wild rose hips for hundreds of years as a tea ingredient with medicinal benefits. You can also use Rose Hips to make jam, jelly, syrup, soup, drinks, pies, bread and wine!

Rose hips are very high in vitamin C. In fact, they have so much vitamin C that during World War II, the people of Britain were told to gather wild-grown rose hips and to make a vitamin C syrup for children. German submarines were sinking ships that carried citrus fruits from the tropics and Rose hips were the best replacement!

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