WHO ate my Pinecone??

Who ate my pinecone?- Nature Activities for kids

Lots of critters like to munch on pine cones to fatten them up for the winter! Here’s how a couple of my friends enjoy their pine cones:

Both red and grey squirrels eat the seeds out of pine cones as a tasty treat. They are very messy eaters!

You can always tell where a squirrel has eaten lunch, since they leave a pine cone ‘core’ (like an apple core!) and a big pile of stripped pine scales on the ground behind them. (Didn’t their mom ever teach them to clean up?)

Woodpeckers and many other of my feathered friends also peck away at pinecones. They use their pointy beaks to pull out the pine scales, one by one. This leaves a ragged edge (the scales of cones eaten by squirrels have clean-cut edges because of their sharp teeth).


Have you ever seen a half-eaten pine cone? Who do you think ate yours?

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